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~Laura Cistumizenakol 2.Jan.04 11:01 PM a Web browser
Notes Client 6.5 Macintosh

I "replaced" my R5 mail db design with mailr6.ntf design.
I had a (working) rule in my R5 mail db that took mails with Subject: *****SPAM***** and moved it to a Spam folder.
After udating the design,
1. The rules dont seem to work with incoming mail.
I had another rule that looked for a specific domain - that also does not work. Is there something I need to do to "enable" a db for rules - other than enabling the rule itself?

2. The above rule was imported from R5 mail db but when I tried to create a similar rule in R6 - the rule window would NOT allow be to use * in the subject matter to be filtered - I get a message that says *;\ etc are not allowed in a rule - that sounds stupid - I cant believe any product can be that inane - so it must be me - what am i doing wrong?


Mail Rules not working!! (~Laura Cistumiz... 2.Jan.04)
. . RE: Mail Rules not working!! (~Laura Cistumiz... 3.Jan.04)

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